Course Overview

8 hours

Sports Hall

10 to 24


Expectations of candidates
- To have an understanding of the rules of dodgeball
- To enthusiastically take part in the course, as a participant and coach
- To fully embrace the practical aspect of the course

Course content
- Dodgeball rules and game play
- Core skills
- Coaching ideas, variations and inclusive practices
- Refereeing
- Planning and delivery
- Evaluating and concluding

Qualification aims and objectives
- Design and deliver dodgeball sessions
- Understand the organisational skills necessary to safely introduce dodgeball
- Coach basic individual skills and techniques to further develop players
- Understand and apply basic rules through officiating
- Adapt sessions to be inclusive and variable
- Plan and deliver coaching sessions to a group

26 page resource provided to all candidates that attend the course. Provided electronically prior to the course and as a paper copy on the day of the course.

E-certificate provided to all candidates that complete the course

Course booking
For open courses please visit upcoming courses. For closed courses please contact