Club name: MUDS

Club contact: Liam Ryder

Venue: Active Lifestyle Centre, Denmark Rd, Manchester, M15 6FG

MUDS is a hearty, fun loving bunch of students that have happened themselves across one of the best societies The University of Manchester has to offer (in our highly biased opinion)! We accommodate for the casual to the competitive mindset and everything in between, but most importantly promote inclusivity and sportsmanship.

Our diverse group all create a unique personality to the society and grows some impressive players, several of which have gone on to represent their home nation! We have a tremendous record on court, earning medals in men's, women's teams competitions and leagues. When we're not throwing balls around you'll most likely see us enjoying ourselves at socials and events all year round, sometimes with some of the other awesome teams too! We look forward to being a part of this amazing sport and community in the coming years!

All of our sessions are open to people of any ability level. So if you're a student in Manchester and you're looking to give something new a try, we're just for you! All our sessions are at the Active Lifestyle Centre and are at:

4-6pm Mondays (£1 per hour)
4-5pm Wednesdays (FREE)
7-8pm Fridays (FREE)

Byan Abu Dakka
Khaled AlGhaith
Jason Ashton
Connor Barker
Reece Borgars
Brogen Campbell
Robert Cushworth
Hardik Desai
Rose Finney
Eleanor Ford
Sandy Gildersleeves
Jack Halpin
Dionn Hargreaves
James Keitley
James King-Nickol
Kwan Jing Yi
Jordan Lowrey
Jon Lulham-Dillon
Colm Mallon
Jai Mamman
Catherine Payne
Rishan Rahman
Sam Robinson
Liam Ryder
Dawud Saleem
Rafal Shawkat
Kirsty Shefferd
Maria Shipley
Alasdair Silverberg
Hannah Ward