UPSU Dodgeball

Club name: University of Portsmouth Purple Cobras

Club contact: Edward Wilcock

Venue: University of Portsmouth

We dodge, duck, dip, dive and…dodge, but unlike the film we don’t throw wrenches. Portsmouth Purple Cobras focus on enjoying our sport and providing a good level of training and competition for both our members and our opponents. We have grown from a small university club to one of the largest societies in the University of Portsmouth’s Student Union, with around 100 members every year.

We don’t just leave an impact on the court, we also enjoy many socials every week ranging from infamous Purple Wednesday’s to seaside BBQ’s. We make good use of the historic seaside town of Portsmouth to ensure our members leave with lasting memories.

We are a friendly society and welcome all to our team so feel free to email any questions to us, but don’t underestimate the Purple Cobras, we pack a venomous bite.

General training is Tuesday's and Friday's with competitive training for squad members only on Thursday's