Bewdley 2

About Virtue Empire
Virtue Empire train members of the community to become better citizens by working in teams, and gaining skills in trust, responsibility, becoming a good team player, working under pressure and earning qualifications that could lead to a potential new career within sport, while becoming fitter and healthier in the process.

They also educate players on the processes that one's body undergoes in order to become fitter, by educating players in anatomy and physiology, physics and psychology.

Virtue Empire work alongside Bethany's Legacy, a charity that helps children with heart conditions. We run Dodgeball tournaments and leagues to raise money for this cause.


Bewdley Virtue is the biggest and oldest club. This is where they train serious players, plus family fun sessions. They have access to two sports wheelchairs, and an outdoor cage, making training facilities top of the range. Training is three times a week.

Kidderminster Kestrels is primarily a childrens' club (5-15 year olds), plus an adult beginner class. They have access to one sports wheelchair, plus lots of astroturf pitches for some AstroDodgeball in the warmer weather. These classes are run twice a week.

Droitwich Dodgers is a close-range Dodgeball, where we also train serious classes, plus family fun. We train on a matted floor, ideal for those with joint pains, and a great opportunity to test safe diving skills to catch and dodge balls. Training is once a week.

Worcester Kwon is focused around youth clubs and martial arts academies. They travel around Worcester, delivering classes to those who request it. Their aim is to turn martial artists and bored teenagers into dodgeball players, by giving them transferable skills that they can use in other sports. They train twice a week.

Redditch Fire is focused around the charity work that they do. This is a family friendly, relaxed and high spirited class that encourages fun. They train here once a week.

Stourbridge Carnage is the fast and furious class. This is where serious players can get to launch balls hard, and be prepared to take whacks. This is a more competitive class, where players get to burn off steam by testing their might against other serious players, in a more lenient environment than the other classes.

Brian Williams: