Feature Player: Brett Koenig

Brett Koenig

British Dodgeball celebrates the people who make the sport of dodgeball happen.

We are pleased to be launching our FEATURE PLAYER section to what we do. Feature Player highlights those who are passionate in so many ways within the sport. It is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on people who care about the sport, and the sport is grown by having them.


Brett has been chosen for his absolute living and breathing of the sport. A great athlete and an active participant in the development of the sport. Not afraid of having a laugh off court, but when the heat turns on in the game, he get's serious and gives his all. A true dodgeball player.

We spoke to Brett wanting to get to know him a little more, have a read:

Where did your journey into dodgeball begin?

I first started playing dodgeball at my year 8 school tournament! As i remember there were 15 people on each side and around 10 dodgeballs. We managed to win the whole school event and I searched for a club from there. My neighbour then told me of a local class at the Lutterworth sports centre. I went along, had a brilliant time and I have never looked back since

Why do you love this sport?

I love this sport on many levels. Firstly, as a game it is incredibly fun, active and addictive to play. I have participated in school tournaments all the way up to the World Cup final and I am completely hooked on the sport. Anyone can pick up a dodgeball and play. I love that it is inclusive and allows a wide range of players to play.
Secondly, I love the opportunities that come with dodgeball. I have travelled around Europe and as far as America to play the sport we love. I have made lifelong friends and my life is heavily taken up by dodgeball and I wouldn't change it. The dodgeball family is a diverse and amazing group of people and I am pleased to have had the chance to meet so many great players.

If you had a dodgeball superpower, what would it be?
Oohm tough question! I think a way to slow down time whilst the balls have been thrown - like quicksilver off of X men! - The possibilities would be endless - backflip, quadruple catch anyone? 😉

How is it to play alongside your brother in the sport?
I absolutely love getting the chance to play dodgeball alongside my brother. We are the best of mates off court and I was delighted when he joined our side. He has progressed into a fantastic young player and the chemistry we have on court both playing and messing around is brilliant! Hopefully he stays in the sport for many years to come!

If there was one bit of Brett merchandise, what would it be?
another good question! I have always loved the idea of having a sports clothing line, it has to be the pinnacle of any sportsman, right? So maybe a customised trainer range, that would be pretty cool!

What's your most hilarious moment in the sport?
Me and my brother both fell over and into each other on court, and sort of simultaneously hugged to remain upright, and then burst into laughter, I think one of us then may have got hit!

What makes this sport special?
The people within it. Everyone in dodgeball seems to share a big love and addiction. The passion is driving the sport forward and it is gaining huge global recognition. I recently competed in Chicago and me and my teammates were recognised by people across the world, the reach of dodgeball is amazing within our growing community!

What does Lutterworth Meteors mean to you?
The Lutterworth Meteors is a special sports team to me. I feel very close to the team as I founded the club with Simon Jones. When you've built a club from scratch and seen it grow from struggling to win a game to then winning every major in the UK team, it makes me incredibly proud. The chemistry in our team is phenomenal, we have a massive laugh and are great friends on and off the court. Granted, it can get heated between us, but the passion and desire to win can lead to that, but we all hug it out at the end of the day 😛

Where are your dreams in the sport?
I hope to continue to play at the top level both at club level and for my country. I am privileged to have played in the best competitions with some amazing competitors and that drives me to train harder and continue to deliver for the Meteors and England Lions. The dream in the short to medium term is to be selected for England to compete in NYC to play at Madison Square Garden next year. In the longer term it would be to see dodgeball in the Olympics.

The Lutterworth Meteors Dodgeball Team

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