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Welcome to British Dodgeball’s second club development article where we will look at expanding your committee more and the benefits and drawbacks of this. As mentioned in our first blog, all clubs are different so make sure to put your own spin on this advice to target your club’s needs.


More people in the committee!? Why?

Many clubs in dodgeball have 4-5 committee members who invest a lot of time into their club. They are usually the ones that are never late for training and make every tournament too. Why is this? Because they are invested in their club. Now imagine having a whole club filled with people like that, willing to go the extra mile both on and off court. Giving more players responsibility within the club results in them feeling more ownership towards it, meaning more dedication from those players. It also gives those hard workers mentioned earlier a bit of a break!


The drawbacks of expanding your committee

  1. ‘Too many chefs spoil the broth’ is an old adage, meaning that too many opinions could lead to the club’s original goals and philosophies being changed by each individual trying to shape the club into their ideal image. This can be solved by having clear goals and a planned vision for your club.
  2. The other danger of a large committee is things slipping through the net e.g. sports halls not getting booked. This can be solved by good leadership from the chair/president and a very clear list of roles and responsibilities (our committee handbook can help with that)!


Ok you’ve convinced me, what roles could we have?

Below are some positions that could prove useful. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Fear not! These roles are not an exhaustive list – anyone with a positive attitude and the will to work hard could carve out a new role that isn’t mentioned below.

More coaches: If you have multiple teams within your club, wouldn’t they benefit from each having a designated coach? Visit our Upcoming Courses page for more info.

Website manager: Raise the profile of your club by making a website, it’s never been easier than with sites such as or

Equipment/kit manager: Certainly for the creative types – design new kits and find suppliers to get everyone looking smart.

Social secretaries: Bonding off court helps a club to be more connected and welcome new members more easily. Get somebody organising your cub’s regular social events.


Want to find out more? The Sport England Club Matters website offers some excellent informal training – go to the Good Governance online module and create a club login to access it.


Got any roles in your committee that I haven’t mentioned here? Do you have any questions or struggles you’d like some support with? Share them below in the comments section, or email me at Next time, we will discuss how to manage club funds effectively.

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