British Dodgeball Introductory Workshop

Course Overview

3 hours

Sports Hall

10 to 24


Expectations of candidates
The British Dodgeball Introductory Workshop to the sport of dodgeball is for those people who are completely new to the game. The workshop is very much practical based as we believe this is a great way to learn a new sport.

Course content
- Dodgeball rules and game play
- Core skills
- Basic tactics
- Variations and inclusive practices

Qualification aims and objectives
- To understand the rules of dodgeball and be able to convey these to others
- To understand the basic skills and tactics required to participate in and improve players dodgeball
- To understand how to adapt dodgeball to suit the needs of varying groups

All candidates will receive an electronic resource upon completion of the workshop

E-certificate provided to all candidates that complete the course

Course booking
To book a course please contact