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British Dodgeball provides two options for referee training workshops. You can either sign up as an individual to one of our open courses or arrange for a bespoke course to be delivered at your club, school, college or other group

Open Referee Workshop - £30pp
Anyone can sign up to one of our open referee workshops by visiting the Upcoming Courses page on the website and selecting the relevant course

The workshops are an introduction to dodgeball refereeing and ideal for players new to the game or existing players that would like to give refereeing a try. These training courses would be ideal for students from University or College who could go on to earn a regular income refereeing at British Dodgeball events. The courses are also designed to welcome referees who are qualified and regularly refereeing other sports

Learning outcomes include but not limited to 1) court dimensions and marking, 2) rules 3) match timings, 4) Match scoring.

Referee training courses will be limited to 12 people and attendees should be prepared to be active. The cost of the course includes resources and attendees would be qualified to referee at British Dodgeball events

Bespoke Referee Workshops - £200*
British Dodgeball will deliver a bespoke referee workshop on request from any club, school or group. The workshops will be held at the groups venue as we will send a tutor to you. The workshop will last for 2 hours with an hour theory and an hour practical within the session

Our 2 hour bespoke referee workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of the group undergoing the training

For clubs the referee workshops will be ideal for individuals who are current players or coaches who would be interested in joining our pool of referees at Leagues and Open events. The workshops would also be ideal for individuals who have refereed in the past but feel they would require a refresher and confidence builder before refereeing again. Club referee workshops can also be tailored to the need of the club i.e more advanced for a collective of experienced referees or a focus on junior rules for refereeing at our ever growing junior competitions

The workshops are also ideal for school leaders to gain an understanding of the sport, how to referee and assist with the delivery of events

Learning outcomes will include but not limited to 1) court and time management 2) rule revision 3) positioning and hand signals 4) effective use of assistant referees and 5) disciplinary management

If you are interested in a course for your group or would like to find out more please contact

*British Dodgeball member clubs can receive the workshop at a discounted rate of £150 with the purpose being that qualified referees would referee at British Dodgeball events throughout the season, earning £9 p/h