Club Competition Service

Looking to host your own event? British Dodgeball can help!

We are looking to empower clubs by helping them to organize and
run their own competitions. This will lead to better interclub relationships, a
more experienced community workforce and a stronger club network in the UK. Events could be a charity fundraiser, local league, community festival, junior cup or just about any other competition you can think of.

British Dodgeball Club Competition Service

Event listing on the British Dodgeball website
Event marketing on social media

Easy Entry:
Teams can sign-up via the British Dodgeball website

Event Guidance:
Event guides and advice

Source Equipment:
Use British Dodgeball’s recommended partners for high quality, low cost trophies, tape and dodgeballs

This service is free to member clubs looking to host events or leagues (British Dodgeball will charge a standard 10% of team entry fees to cover administration time). Get in touch by emailing