National Club Survey Report 2019

National Club Survey Results

Here is the data we gathered from our National Club Survey 2019 and how we plan to use the information you gave us going forward.

General Information

- The majority of club players are aged 20-30 years old (33.7%). We were particularly impressed with the growth of junior clubs; players aged under 16 account for 32.5% of our club members. This is significant growth considering there were no regular competitive opportunities for young people at club level 2 years ago.

- Most clubs are officially formed with a constitution, a club bank account and the relevant policies. You can see our editable templates here ( if your club requires any assistance.

Club Goals

- 69% of clubs said they are aiming for higher session attendance. We will be suggesting ideas in future articles about how you can raise your numbers at sessions.
- 41% of clubs said they are aiming to develop a junior section. Please let Alice Bowler, our Youth Development Officer, know if you’d like support setting up a junior club. You can see what you need in our club start-up guide
- 38% of clubs said they are aiming to develop their women’s teams.
Club Matters have some great advice on how to attract and retain new female members (Club Matters)

Club Support

- 30% of clubs said they want marketing advice. We will be publishing articles to assist clubs in their promotional activities in the near future.
- 30% of clubs said they want funding advice. Funding is usually only given for a specific project e.g. ‘set up a new junior club to engage 14-19 year olds in physical activity’, and is not a free hand-out. If you want specific funding advice, you can email Aden Woodall, our Development Officer. Bedford Eagles, Birmingham Blaze, Burton Bears, Leeds Dodge, Liverpool Dodgeball, Manchester Dodgeball Community, Nottingham Sheriffs and Stafford Dodgeball Club did and they are now getting more young people in their areas active.

Competition Feedback

- 48% of clubs said they enjoyed the sense of community within British Dodgeball’s events. This was the highlight response, followed closely by players getting the chance to apply skills learned in training and see improvements. We are proud that people mentioned the sense of community and feel it is important that we keep a strong sense of togetherness as we grow.
- 31% of clubs said they felt the standard was too high at competition, and 44% asked for more local competitions. These can be tricky issues due to where we are as a sport at the moment; some areas of the country have substantially higher numbers of clubs than others meaning some clubs need to travel longer distances to find competition. We are currently looking into trialing a regional league structure next season alongside the national league in order to give more localised competitions at the right level for teams.

Thankyou to all club representatives that gave up their time to answer the survey. Your answers are helping to shape the sport. The future of dodgeball is here!