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The Most Definitive Courses in Dodgeball

British Dodgeball offers a range of awards and coaching courses in dodgeball that cater for many different types of deliverers. All our awards are endorsed by the World Dodgeball Association, the World Governing Body of dodgeball.

The Future of Dodgeball is Here

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British Dodgeball is recognised as the leading dodgeball organisation in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) by the World Dodgeball Association and the European Dodgeball Federation. We offer support and services to the national teams, clubs, players, coaches and officials.

All 93 dodgeball clubs in the United Kingdom are affiliated to British Dodgeball, we develop the sport of dodgeball on a daily basis throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and all our newly qualified coaches and leaders are given up to date knowledge on the sport. British Dodgeball is where the sport of dodgeball is at.

Our pathway begins with dodgeball workshops and dodgeball leadership courses that introduce people to dodgeball and in turn provide them with the skills and knowledge to encourage others into this great sport.

For coaches of all levels we have a course for you with our level 1, level 2 and level 3 dodgeball coaching course qualifications.

Our team of highly qualified and respected tutors can deliver any course in any location.

All our courses bar the leader’s course are for young people and adults aged 16+.

Our Courses

British Dodgeball Introductory Workshop
The 3 hour Introductory Workshop is a practical course that introduces new people to the sport of dodgeball. On the workshop you will learn the core skills of dodgeball, dodgeball rules and game play, basic tactics and some variations and inclusive practices. The course is brought to you at a set cost of £250. All candidates receive a resource.

British Dodgeball Leaders Qualification
The British Dodgeball Leaders Course is a 3 hour course designed to be delivered to pupils at primary or secondary school or in clubs from the age of 9-18. The course is delivered to a group of 10 to 18 children in the school hall or at your club by a qualified British Dodgeball instructor. The course is brought to you at a set cost of £250. All candidates receive a resource.

British Dodgeball Level 1 
The British Dodgeball Level 1 Coaches Qualification is a five part course that provides knowledge on the sport of dodgeball, working with participants, inclusion, the importance of positivity and delivery. The course is delivered over 4 hours in the sports hall and classroom at a cost of £50pp. This course is suitable for anyone leading a group session. This could be a teacher, youth worker, coach, student, parent, community worker, or volunteer. As well as supporting development the course has a focus on inclusion and the physical, mental, social and community wellbeing. All candidates receive a resource.

British Dodgeball Level 2
The British Dodgeball Level 2 Coaching Course is a fully practical course designed to ensure all candidates are fully involved from the outset. The course has a focus on dodgeball rules and game play, core skills, coaching ideas, variations and inclusive practices, refereeing, planning and delivery, evaluating and concluding. The course is delivered over 8 hours in the sports hall at a cost of £100pp. The course is for anyone wishing to coach dodgeball within their community, whether that is at clubs, universities, schools or colleges. Anyone aged 16+ can complete the qualification. You do not need to have completed the level 1 course. All candidates will receive a resource.

British Dodgeball Level 3
The most advanced course worldwide in the sport of dodgeball, the British Dodgeball Level 3 Coaching Qualification is delivered over 2 days by a British Dodgeball tutor. Between days 1 and 2 candidates will be required to complete 30 hours of experiential learning. The course is split into 6 modules; the role of the level 3 coach, tactics, strategies and game play, player development, understanding your participants needs, experience and assessment. Day 1 is a 5 hour practical and theory course delivered in the sports hall. Day 2 is where candidates will deliver their presentation on their development journey. The British Dodgeball Level 3 Coaching Course costs £175pp, all candidates receive a resource.

If you would like to arrange for a course to be delivered at your school, college, university or organisation please don't hesitate to get in touch with discounts are available for members and group bookings. All our current upcoming courses can be found on the website