At British Dodgeball we host a number of leagues throughout the U.K. at various levels including our elite National Leagues, our new Mixed Leagues, our University Leagues and our Regional and City Leagues

Our leagues provide a fantastic opportunity for dodgeballers of all abilities to compete on a regular basis at a level that is suited to them. Whether this is the top international players competing for their clubs at our National Leagues or for new and young players making their first steps into league dodgeball at our City or Regional Leagues

In the 2018/19 season we have 85 teams competing in our community leagues. In England there are 6 National Leagues taking place at St Georges Park nr Burton, 3 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1 in Swansea, Wales and 1 in Aberdeen, Scotland

One area of the sport that is almost unique to dodgeball is the mixed team format where 3 men and 3 women compete on the same team. At British Dodgeball we have introduced our first mixed leagues in the Midlands with 14 teams from across England competing this season

We run 8 University Leagues at locations across the country for a total of 64 teams from 22 universities

Our City Leagues have been a great success so far, in particular at introducing new players to the sport. In the current season they have taken place in Aberdeen, Manchester and Leeds with more regional and city leagues planned for next season