Local Leagues

Our local leagues run in areas of particular high demand in a concentrated area. Greater Manchester is one such area where we have ran both an adult and junior local league with the support of the local clubs.

If you would like a British Dodgeball local league in your area to support high local demand please get in touch and we will happily work with you to make it happen. Aberdeen did and now they have an excellent monthly draft league played on weekday evenings!


Gtr Manchester Junior League (Under 11's & Under 16's)

There will be 2 leagues taking place throughout the season with final positions and awards presented for both, an Autumn/Winter league from September to January and a Spring/Summer league from February to June.

League Dates
Venue: Parrs Wood High School, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 5PG
Autumn/Winter: 27th Sep,  18th Oct, 15th Nov, 13th Dec, 24th Jan
Spring/Summer: 28th Feb, 20th Mar, 24th Apr, 22nd May, 26th Jun

Manchester junior league fixtures and standings


Local League Regulations

  1. Unlike all other leagues, your team does NOT need to be affiliated to a British Dodgball member club. This is to make it as easy to enter teams into this type of league as possible.
  2. Local leagues allow free movement of players between teams if required. That way, if you're a player short one week then somebody can fill in to help you out.
  3. It is recommended that each team has at least 2 players of each gender on the court at all times but this is not a strict requirement. We don't want to put a one-gender team off entering.
  4. The main objective of these leagues is to introduce new people to dodgeball, get people active, build community spirit and ensure that dodgeball is played in line with the ideals outlined in our code of conduct.
  5. Some local leagues will be split into 'development' and 'performance' leagues in order to cater for beginners and more experienced players.

Please read our Competition Guide 2019-2020.