Manchester Dodgeball League

Sign up for the Manchester Adult Dodgeball League 3 is available now. Entry is £120 per team and can be made below. The Manchester City League is a fantastic opportunity for new and experienced dodgeball players to mix together as part of a community league. The league is played over 5 rounds with a trophy presented to the winning teams and Most Valuable Player. If you are new to dodgeball and want to find out more about the sport please visit our resources section on the site

League Dates
Friday 22nd Feb - 7-9pm - Parrs Wood
Friday 8th Mar - 7-9pm - Parrs Wood
Monday 1st Apr - 7-9pm - Trinity
Monday 29th Apr - 7-9pm - Trinity
Monday 20th May - 7-9pm - Trinity

Aden Woodall:

Deadline for Entry
18th February 2019

What the players say...

"It is so much fun and there are so many new players getting involved. It really is chilled out"

"As a first timer at the league last week I found everyone welcoming and the games I played in were both challenging and fun"

"I've been able to improve my game due to the community of players sharing their passion for the game, tips and hints"

League 2 results

League 1 results

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