Meet USA

"I play dodgeball because it's my passion. Nothing beats traveling with your friends, playing in a competitive environment, meeting new friends and celebrating after. A simple script, but never gets old. I hope to play until all the wheels fall off."

The Atlantic Cup is an event born from ambition and respect.

The Atlantic Cup brings together world class teams from the two different ball types of cloth and foam to play together in an entirely unique event. It also celebrates organisations who truly believe in growing the sport of dodgeball. To say that British Dodgeball is excited by this event would be a massive understatement.

To get you excited ahead of the event, we thought we would introduce each team in a bit more detail, starting with USA:

Team USA Dodgeball is a division of the Governing Body of USA Dodgeball.
"The mission of USA Dodgeball is to promote and develop the sport of dodgeball across the United States.

"USA Dodgeball believes in the numerous benefits of dodgeball and it is our mission to provide the communities with a fun and safe environment which exemplifies a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. We aim to foster friendly competition at various levels of play, while encouraging both teamwork and camaraderie."

We spoke to some of the players about their their thoughts on dodgeball, the Atlantic Cup, and tackling the cloth ball type:

"It's an honor to represent the United States and play with amazing players. It makes me a better player and person being around world-class talent.

The cloth dodgeball is drastically different from anything I've ever played with. There is an intimidating learning curve in front of us as we play the best cloth players in the world. I'm curious to see how we operate in such a foreign environment.

Dodgeball brings people from all corners of the world together. I've thought a lot about why this is. It really comes down to how approachable the sport is and welcoming the community is. We have great people leading the charge such as Jake Mason who help put on memorable tournaments, leagues, open gyms and charity events which has grown the sport to what it is today."

Isidro Perez

"'Excited' doesn't begin to explain being a part of this historic moment of multiple major organizations coming together to unite for the sport. The opportunity to represent our community and country, on the global scale, is something we all dream about and I am so graciously fortunate to be a part of this upcoming milestone.

We don't play the European style consistently at all in the USA. So the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world, and their style, is extremely compelling and captivates me. Personally, I am always looking to push my limits as a dodgeballer and pursue mastering the sport. The greatest achievement is always the next challenge ahead and I cannot wait to experience this event.

The reason I play dodgeball has always been two things for me: One, is it has been a sanctuary. When I step on the court with my teammates, I submerge in a state of Zen, and leave everything that I'm carrying in my life outside of the court. Two, is it has been a tool for development. This game matures my character and pushes me to innovate our world, igniting a humble fire that evolves me into my best self, while giving the knowledge I've gained back to the next generation.

Glen Spejcher

"Any opportunity to represent USA Dodgeball officially is special. The Atlantic Cup will be a great opportunity to compete internationally.

Dodgeball is a special sport that most people have played at some time in their life but still a lot of people don’t realize there are organized and competitive opportunities to play beyond school or gym class. International organizations like the WDA and WDBF have made significant progress in gaining respect and recognition for the sport.

I love the intensity, athleticism and competition in the sport. The big hits, clutch catches, upset wins and comebacks are all part of the game I really enjoy."

Eric Stone

"It means the world to have USA on your chest and doing your best to make everyone proud.

Events like this bring like minded and passionate folks together to try and put on an event we can be proud of, and hopefully if and when the rest of the world sees it, they like what they see.

I started because I wanted to have fun, I kept playing because I wanted to be the best, and I’m still playing because I love the relationships I’ve made, and the things I have accomplished. Now everything that comes is just icing on the cake."

Nathan Kreiter

Team USA Dodgeball are coming to give their all, and will hopefully put on quite a show. Want to watch them in action? Get your tickets to the Atlantic Cup now.