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The Atlantic Cup has been an opportunity for so many people to come together around the sport of dodgeball. The world will watch as Austria, Canada, USA and the newly formed Great Britain team showcase world class dodgeball in an extraordinary event including both disciplines of dodgeball, cloth and foam.

An event on this scale and ambition is only possible through collaboration. Our sport is one of the fastest growing (if not the) fastest growing in the UK. People's passion helps drive the sport forward.

An incredible story in this is that of a partnership that has taken place between Mtech Access and British Dodgeball. We spoke to Mtech Access

- Please tell us a bit about yourself:

Mtech Access are a market access consultancy for the healthcare industry. Ultimately, we work in partnership with companies from across the globe, to ensure that their new medicines and medical devices reach the right patients at the right time. We are a relatively young company, being founded in 2015, but we have a fantastic mix of hugely experienced professionals and young talent in the business. Having worked in a corporate setting for a while, David, our MD had the vision to form Mtech out of the desire to reduce ‘red tape’, providing an environment where innovation is encouraged and where we can be more flexible and responsive with our customers. It sounds a bit corny but it’s great working in a business where you know that the work you do can make a difference to people.


- Why have you chosen to support the Atlantic Cup and British Dodgeball?

When we heard that one of our team, Karen Pickering, had been selected to play for the Great Britain dodgeball team we wanted to learn more – Our only knowledge of the sport was the Dodgeball movie. We couldn’t believe how big the sport has grown in the UK, the number of teams, the multiple leagues and the uptake in schools is amazing. Clearly a big part of this is down to the passion and enthusiasm of the team at British Dodgeball.

As a young start-up company we know that funding for big events can be difficult and so we were really excited with the opportunity to support British Dodgeball and help promote the sport by sponsoring the upcoming Atlantic Cup.


- What do you feel is the value in health and wellbeing within the UK?

Working in the healthcare industry, Mtech Access have had experience with medicines and medical devices which help to manage obesity related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and mental health problems, such as depression. With increasing levels of obesity and mental health problems these new products offer a potential solution to manage many of the related issues.

However, we also know that prevention is better than cure. The benefits of participating in sport for both physical and mental well-being are clear to us.

The opportunity to promote an up and coming sport like dodgeball is great – Hopefully the Atlantic cup will get even more people playing which can only be a good thing.


- What excites you about dodgeball?

It’s fun! Who doesn’t enjoy throwing a ball at their friends!

We love the openness of the sport, the fact that anyone can play irrespective of gender, age, background, or ability is great.


- What are your expectations of the event?

We’re new to dodgeball and so we are really excited to see some of the world’s best playing at the highest level.

As a showcase event we hope that the Atlantic cup will help boost the profile of dodgeball even further and give it the recognition it deserves.


Working with businesses such as Mtech Access truly allows the sport of dodgeball to flourish, and benefit so many people. If you would like to find out more about Mtech Access, visit their website below: