New Club Funding Secured in Swansea: Abertawe Scorpions

Alex from Swansea contacted us with a dream of setting up his own dodgeball club. He had a son and daughter who wanted to play and asked around at his children’s schools to gauge interest. Upon finding that it would be really popular, he was determined to give it a go! He found a suitable venue, asked fellow parents about their interest in both their children and themselves playing a new sport, and then got in touch with British Dodgeball.

Working to support Alex, we secured Sport Wales Community Chest Funding to help him train two coaches, get the equipment he needed to run sessions for three different age groups from children as young as 4 years ols right up to adults! The funding also pays for insurance and the club’s venue hire for initial months of setup to allow the club to become sustainable.

The Abertawe Scorpions have been running sessions since October and are still finding their feet. To set up a club that caters for all age groups from scratch is no mean feat! We’d like to give a huge shout out to Alex; the British Dodgeball Community is reliant on volunteers like him with the passion and drive to get something done in his community. He has given everyone in Swansea, young and old, the chance to pass through the doors and get involved in something bigger than themselves when they attend a session.

Get in touch: Abertawe Scorpions Dodgeball Club Facebook page

Session info: North Penlan Comunity Hall, Sundays, 4-5pm (under 11’s and 11-16’s) 5-7pm (adults)

Are you considering setting up a club like Alex did? Visit our Club Support page to find out what you need to do and how British Dodgeball can support you in your journey!

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