Primary School Dodgeball Award

British Dodgeball's mission is

"To work with and develop dodgeballers to reach their greatest potential within the sport, and to inspire new people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities, to enjoy playing dodgeball"

Children want to play dodgeball, and we want to celebrate the schools who help this to happen

Recent data from the Youth Sport Trust and Ofsted is showing that dodgeball is one of the most in demand sports in schools. Ofsted's report into obesity, healthy eating and physical activity has shown that 33% of primary school children want to do more dodgeball. This is higher than any other sport, football coming in second with 30%

Does your primary school go above and beyond to offer dodgeball? We want to celebrate the schools who provide dodgeball in an extra special way for their pupils

Would you like to nominate your school to win our Primary School Dodgeball Award?

The process is easy. Simply complete the short form at the bottom of the page to nominate your school

A selected number of schools will be chosen for a longlist which will shine a spotlight on their good work. During this time the public can vote for who they deem as the most deserving of the award. From this vote a shortlist will be decided in which we explore each shortlisted school in more detail before a winner is decided

This process is designed to celebrate the schools who are listening to the demand in our sport and are working hard to create opportunities within it. Nominate now!

Also, we have lot's of useful resources to help your school dodgeball offer grow, please do explore our website and see how we can support you

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