World Championships 2020 Spectator Tickets




The 2020 World Dodgeball Championships will be taking place from the 1st-6th September 2020 at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow. The best dodgeball teams from around the World will be competing at the 9th edition of the Dodgeball World Championships and for the first time ever the event will take place in the United Kingdom.

Tickets are available now for this amazing opportunity to witness the very best dodgeball players from around the world perform dramatic dives, high-powered hits and game-changing catches to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Emirates Arena, 1000 London Road, Glasgow, G40 3HG

1st – 6th September 2020

The World Championships will be the first time in the history of dodgeball that both the cloth and foam dodgeball World Championships are played at the same event.

48 teams will be competing at the 2020 World Championships including World Champions USA, Austria and Malaysia and the Great British Dodgeball Team.

Get your tickets now to become part of dodgeball history!