The Dodgeball Survey 2019 Report Published

The Dodgeball Survey 2019 was open for a period of just over three weeks. 122 players, 24 sports coaches, 54 community club coaches or volunteers, 17 parents & 11 teachers responded to the survey, and gave us some great insight into the projected size of club dodgeball in the UK as well as generating lots of positives and points to improve around the organisation, administration and culture of the sport.

We tailor everything we do around our member feedback. From the patterns of comments given in year’s survey, we have developed a list of actions which are clearly shown in red in the report. This includes how we plan to increase the integrity of the sport and develop our competition offer. We want to have an open dialogue with all of our members about the work we are doing to develop the sport in the U.K and encourage you to work with us to make the sport bigger and better.

You can read the full Dodgeball Survey 2019 Report here.

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