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The British Dodgeball Championships are the jewel in the crown to the British Dodgeball season. They are the moment where the top clubs from across the UK, in our adult and junior categories, come together to compete to be the very best.

The David Ross Sports Village at the University of Nottingham will host the British Dodgeball Championships and British Junior Dodgeball Championships on the 23rd June 2018

Champion teams in men's, women's, under 16's, under 13's and under 11's will be crowned.



Throughout British Dodgeball's first ever season we have hosted 34 Open Tournaments and 16 leagues across the UK, as well as a National Cup, and the NEC for our international teams. One of our aims is to create the best possible platform for  our members to develop in the sport of dodgeball, so after such a comprehensive season in which so many teams showcased incredible talent, perhaps it is needless to say that we have been very excited for our championship portion of the season. In England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales we hosted a national championship, in which the best could proceed onto the British Championships.

In England with 78 clubs, the English Championships presented the opportunity for 4 teams from Men's and 5 from Women's categories to qualify.

In the Men's - Lutterworth Meteors who have displayed impeccable form from the beginning of the season, unbeaten in the Men's Super League, they had secured their place in the Champs. Some would argue they are the favourite to win, however, they are not unbeaten within the tournament context, with the English Champs being an example of this. East Anglia Vikings have worked to really unlock their ability this season. Silver medalists in the infamous British Open, they battled hard to take bronze at the English Championships and secure their place in the British Champs. Consistently displaying a high level of play, gold medalists of the British Open, 2nd in the Super league, and silver medalists in the English Championships is Leamington Spartans. Well drilled and focussed, they have the formula to be Champions, but can they get their engines fired enough to take the top? Despite having a not particularly strong season in the Men's Super League gracing the bottom half at 7th, Leicester Minotaurs demonstrated what they are capable of when they really step it up, taking the gold at English Champs. Can they keep this fire burning in the British Champs?

In the Women's English Championships, Lutterworth Meteors clinched a qualification placing 5th, but are not at all to be underestimated. With the crown of the British Champs in sight, Lutterworth, gold medalists of the British Open, 2nd in the country in the Women's Super League will be ones to watch. Nottingham Sheriffs, 3rd in the Super League, and 4th in the English Champs will be ready to give their all and are a team capable of achieving high level wins. East Anglia Valkyries entered the English Champs adamant on qualification for the British Champs and they delivered. Securing bronze in the English Champs, they will be looking to repeat this strong performance at the British Champs. Powerhouse of the sport Bedford Mighty Eagles strike fear into any opponent, winners of the Women's Super League, and many people's favourites to win the British Champs, though they are not unbeatable as the English Champs showed, with them taking silver. That said, you would be a fool to underestimate this team, particularly with their focus on the British Championship title. London Storm have shown incredible skill this season, and have proven what they are capable of, being English Champions. The British Championship title is the only way for this team to go now, but will they do it? With such a high level of competition, there are no sure-fire bets.

Northern Ireland has demonstrated a lot of passion and growth in dodgeball this season. In the Men's there were 2 qualification places up for grabs in the Irish Championships, and 1 place in the Women's.

Kapow and Queens Comets are the titan teams of Northern Ireland Men's, who look like they will forever be the tightest of rivals. It came down to a final rumble in the Super League, but Kapow just clinched it, whereas in the Irish Championships, Queens took it after an immense tournament. With both Kapow and Queens Comets coming over with teams riddled full of internationals, including between them, many of the Men's NI team attending the World Cup, these strategic, athletic, and relentless two teams are looking to show the British Champs just what Northern Irish dodgeball is capable of.

Meanwhile Belfast Black Widows are looking like something unstoppable, champions of the Women's Super League, Irish League 1 and the Irish Championships they will be hungry for new competition. They will need to be innovative and diverse in their gameplay if they wish to overthrow the experienced Women's teams in the championships, but they have every tool at their disposal to be champions.

In Scotland we are seeing the sport on the up and up, and despite not having the extent of clubs as England, the level of play is of the highest standard. Granite City Guerrillas Men's have been untouchable, unbeaten in the Scottish Super League and gold medalists of the Scottish Champs. They will be approaching the British Champs to showcase just how powerful this team is, and any team will regret letting their guard down against GCG.

Meanwhile GCG Ladies took the gold at the Scottish Champs and will be getting fired up to take on the very best teams. With a team full of determination and ability, they are looking to take the British Champs at full force.

Wales has seen an incredible growth in the sport this season, with 10 clubs and the first ever Welsh League, there is much excitement about how the sport is growing in Wales. Rhondda Dragons having won the Welsh League might have thought they were sure of the Welsh Champs, but Carmarthen Wizards took them on with incredible talent, beating them until the very final seconds of the match. Rhondda just managed to secure a place, but they will need to be ready to step it up in the full force of British Champs.

In the Women's Bristol Spartans took gold at the Welsh Champs and will be keen to take on the eclectic range of teams that the UK has to offer.

The stage is set, the teams have qualified. Now all that is left is for the teams to show what they are made of.



Our junior British Championships consist of the top qualifiers from each age categories that have competed in our junior tournaments throughout the season - of which there were six; Leicester, Cambridgeshire, Middlesbrough, Stafford, Manchester and Wrexham. Teams would receive ranking points from each event that they competed in with their top 3 scores only counting towards their total score for qualification.

A total of 12 teams competed throughout the season in the under 11’s category with Ultimate Dodge Blue and Hartlepool Mavericks Bambi’s finishing the table in joint 1st place with the maximum score of 60 points. Both teams winning 3 of the 6 events each. Qualifying in 3rd place were the Hartlepool Mavericks Fawns with 38 points, and the Enderby Juniors qualified in 4th place with 30 points.

Our largest category for participation saw 14 teams in total compete in the 6 under 13’s events. Qualifying in 1st place with the maximum 60 points were the Leicester Panthers, winning four of the six tournaments. In second place with 50 points were the Hartlepool Mavericks, having won one and finished runner up three times throughout the season. Ultimate Dodge came in qualifying 3rd with 40 points picking up a tournament win at their local event in Cambridgeshire. Completing the qualification for the under 13’s event we have the Billingham Bulls who only started competing in the tournaments after Christmas, but still managed to pick up 31 points and qualify for the British Championships.

Eleven teams in total competed in the under 16’s category and we’re expecting some fantastic match ups in the finals on the 23rd June. Ultimate Dodge Blue and the MDL Raptors could not be separated throughout the course of the season as both teams picked up 2 tournament wins each and 1 second place to qualify with 55 points. Leicester Panthers qualify in 3rdplace with plenty of 2nd and 3rd placed finishes over the course of the 6 events. With a tie for 4th place happening between the Hartlepool Mavericks and the White Tigers from Enderby it means that both teams qualify and we have now 5 teams in the under 16’s British Championships.

In total we have seen 37 junior teams compete across the 6 qualifying tournaments this season and are pleased to say that we will be expanding our junior offer further with the increase to 19 junior events in the 2018/19 season. Look out for our job advert towards the beginning of July where we will be recruiting a full time Junior Dodgeball Development Officer.

Special mention must go to the players and coaches at the Hartlepool Mavericks Bambi’s, Hartlepool Mavericks under 13’s, Hartlepool Mavericks under 16’s and the Enderby White Tigers. Their teams competed in all six tournaments this season, travelling all-round the country to play the sport – well done!


We are pleased to be opening doors of the British Dodgeball Championships for people to enjoy as the very best compete at the height of the sport.

Come and cheer on your favourites, and see just what an epic sport dodgeball is.

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