Upcoming courses

You can find details of all the open dodgeball coaching courses that are coming up and are available for you to sign up to below

Simply click on one of the images below to view full details and sign up information for that particular course

We try to ensure that we are covering all areas of the country with our courses, if there is an area that isn't covered and you would like to see a course please get in touch with us via coaching@britishdodgeball.com

Level 1 Coaching Courses

7th April 2019 - Manchester

Level 2 Coaching Courses

27th April 2019 - Preston

4th May 2019 - Southampton

5th May 2019 - Leicester

12th May 2019 - Manchester

9th June 2019 - York

Level 3 Coaching Courses

4th May 2019 - Stafford

Referee Courses

24th February 2019 - Swansea

If you are in a different area of the U.K. to those listed above and would like to qualify as a dodgeball coach please register your interest below and a member of our team will get in touch