World Champs Volunteering

We have lots of volunteering opportunities at the upcoming WDBF Dodgeball World Championships (2nd – 6th September 2020)

If you would like to gain experience working in a fast-paced environment, then we have a variety of roles which you could take on. We will endeavour to provide free accommodation and food for all volunteers working at the event, and will ensure that all volunteers get adequate breaks in order to be able to watch some of the action unfold. If you’d like to apply, please read the following roles briefs and fill out the form below. We expect some of these roles to be competitive so please outline any experience in the final section.


Volunteer Information

You will be required approximately 12pm-9pm on days you volunteer. We will schedule in regular breaks where you can watch the event unfold. We will provide food and accommodation for those the require it (TBC).

Application deadline: 30th April 2020


Roles Briefs


  • Provide match commentary on the live stream
  • Comment on game play, rule explanations, team history, competition standings
  • Promote the sport to a wider audience & outline British Dodgeball & WBDF values and developments
  • Conduct pre and post-match interviews with players/team staff


  • Provide announcements to spectators
  • Announce fixtures & competition standings
  • Promote exhibition events and merchandise


  • Provide photography/filming for the event
  • Provide media files to social media to team to update wider audience

Spectator Support

  • Conduct ticket checks
  • Assist spectators finding the correct seats

Court Maintenance

  • Ensure courts are maintained
  • Ensure court netting is maintained
  • Transfer match scores from referees to result coordinator

Merchandise/ Ticketing

  • Provide service at merchandise stalls/ticket desk


  • Officiate matches in accordance official rule sets
  • Time matches and record match scores

Social Media

  • Provide social media updates regarding the competition to the wider audience