Your Marketing Voice

Your Marketing Voice

As we continue our resources to support our members within Marketing, we this week look at how to develop your brand identity through your 'marketing voice'

Communication is well and truly key to success, this week we celebrated the 30th birthday of the internet. The internet has changed the game for marketing, and every day we see new developments in how communication exists all around us. This is both exciting, but also needs respect and integrity as it is so present in everyday lives. One of the most incredible communication developments of our generation is Social Networks. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc) are free (in many ways) and very powerful. They have levelled the playing field where small businesses can still make a massive impact even with shoestring budgets. Next article we will go into more detail on setup and actions you can employ with social media to tell your story, but this week we want to help you understand about defining a 'voice'

Your Voice and Identity

Social Media, and online advirtising is a living and breathing entity. It grows and develops, and has to be versatile and have it's own character. This could seem daunting looking at it from the outset, but in fact it is a very exciting opportunity that can be a lot of fun, and can be a beacon of your beliefs, aspirations and intentions. Defining a voice is key to any strong marketing.

So how do you define your voice?

Think to yourself: 'If my brand was a real person, who and what would it be like and how would it sound?' By working this out, you work out your 'brand's' voice.

It might take a bit of work at first to find a voice that feels comfortable, and it will evolve as you go, and you feel what works for you, and how people respond.

Think about:

What tone? - comedic/ serious, informal/ formal

What perspective? - 1st person (I, we), 2nd person (you) 3rd person ('The Dodgeball Club is...')

What media represents it? - written text, gifs, photos, graphics, video, etc

When do you use it? - what does it want to inform people of, what is it trying to achieve when it is used?

Your voice is the strongest asset to your marketing. It will set the president for people who will grow interested in your club, and will inspire a like minded community. It can be a unifier and make people feel welcomed and in a familiar environment. The nice thing is, that a voice that is complimentary to your brand is completely the opposite to hard work, in fact it is so natural and should be enjoyed.

But also remember, your voice is not just for you, it is a collective voice. Use it for inclusion, not exclusion. It is a gateway, so be careful when using jargon, technical terms and in-jokes. Be respectful with your use of language as well, swearing and angry/negative outbursts, for example should be avoided. You are an online ambassador for your club and the sport, make sure to respect that.

Get Inspired

Don't have your head in the sand, there are examples all over social media and the internet of different marketing voices, see what you like, and mimic elements of it. Bespoke the actions to you. Your inspiration doesn't have to just be in your industry, keep an open mind to what attracts your attention and work out why.

Your Voice is Part of a Community

Together we are louder. All of us can share in an interest in wanting dodgeball to grow in its visibility. With this shared goal in mind, let's support each other; Follow other dodgeball clubs, mention them in tweets and facebook posts, share each others' posts, or at least like them. Help each other to celebrate positive work around dodgeball. Encourage your members to get involved and supporting social channels that spread the word of dodgeball.

At British Dodgeball, we always want to celebrate your hard work and positive stories, so keep us involved too: Follow us and like us across social media, mention us in your tweets and posts, and often we can retweet, like and share. Use our hashtags - #BritishDodgeball #ComeJoinIn and we can all find a shared place to support each other. We want to help showcase you, so make sure we know about what you are doing, and support each other. We are a dodgeball community, that together we make a huge noise.

The Future of Dodgeball is Here, let's support each other.

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Stay tuned for more marketing support on social media very soon.